Terms of Use

By accessing the pages of tommyhaas.com, you acknowledge the following terms of use. If you do not agree with the terms of use, please do not use the tommyhaas.com website.

1. These terms and conditions relate to all domains of the official Tommy Haas site (tommyhaas.com, tommy-haas.com, tommyhaas.de, tommy-haas.de).

2. tommyhaas.com reserves the right to change the terms of use of tommyhaas.com at any time and without notice.

3. tommyhaas.com makes no warranty for accuracy and completeness on the tommyhaas.com pages with the exception of any warranties implied by law.

4. All texts, pictures and all other material published on the tommyhaas.com pages are subject to copyright protection and are for personal use only. Reproduction, republishing, distribution or copying is prohibited.

5. You are solely liable for any damages described in section 4 in the terms of use of the tommyhaas.com pages and in an no event shall tommyhaas.com be liable to any user or any third party for any damages whatsoever.

6. The guestbook and forum are provided by tommyhaas.com free of charge and subject to confirmation without any legal obligation to maintain the service. tommyhaas.com reserves the right to deny access to the guestbook and forum to any individual and/or suspend usage of the tommyhaas.com guestbook and forum without notice.

7. The tommyhaas.com guestbook and forum are among the services offered by the tommyhaas.com.

8. You are obliged to be considerate of the interests of other participants and not infringe their rights as well as third party rights. Your contributions in the tommyhaas.com guestbook a forum shall not violate the law or offend against the law. This implies in particular to trademark and patent rights but also to all other types of intellectual property rights. You are obliged among other things to refrain from spreading any offending, slanderous, insulting, threatening, demagogue, obscene or racist statements. When authorised to make use of patent rights of thirds you have to maintain and mind patent rights in an unchanged form. With the transmission of data/content to the tommyhaas.com guestbook and forum you warrant that you have the right to use the content embodied by the data.

9. Any notes, postings, ideas, suggestions, concepts, or other material submitted through the tommyhaas.com guestbook and forum will be made available to other tommyhaas.com guestbook and forum participants and will become the property of tommyhaas.com and tommyhaas.com shall be entitled to use such material for any type of use forever, including the tommyhaas.com website.

10. tommyhaas.com assumes no responsibility for the correctness and completeness of other participants' contributions to the tommyhaas.com guestbook and forum.

11. In no event shall tommyhaas.com be liable for damages caused by third parties by using the tommyhaas.com guestbook and forum. tommyhaas.com is only liable for willful or grossly negligent behaviour of tommyhaas.com .

12. tommyhaas.com is also not liable for damages caused by unforeseen circumstances beyond the

reasonable control of tommyhaas.com such as network or computer breakdowns.

13. tommyhaas.com reserves the right to monitor data exchanged by the participants. However tommyhaas.com is not obliged to check exchanged data for its legality. By not objecting illegal participation, tommyhaas.com will not abandon a claim.

14. tommyhaas.com will assume no responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts. By sending tommyhaas.com manuscripts and pictures, you agree that tommyhaas.com has the right to publish them. Paid submissions become the property of tommyhaas.com. Product names are used without guarantee of a free disposal.

15. tommyhaas.com has links to other websites on the Internet. tommyhaas.com shall not be responsible in any way for the design and content of such other websites. tommyhaas.com is in no way responsible for the content of linked sites that are not hosted on the server of tommyhaas.com . This applies to all links and all contents of the sites that are linked through banners and links on tommyhaas.com.

16. The personal data you enter when registering will be used in connection with competitions and sweepstakes. tommyhaas.com reserves the right to pass on such data to third parties.

17. Users and participants accept the terms and conditions of games, sweepstakes and competitions.

18. Only German law applies.

If any provision of this agreement is unenforceable, all others shall remain in effect. The ineffective stipulation is to replace by the effective stipulation which is the most similar to the ineffective one in an economic view.

Terms of use for the community section

1. Aims of the terms of use
The following Conditions of Use should follow the use of the community space of the tommyhaas.com. The Terms of Use shall be agreed as soon as one clicks the "Save profile" button.

2. Community Section
The community is part of the site tommyhaas.com and is made available to the user by InterConnect GmbH & Co. KG (from now referred to as "service provider").

3. With regard to personal data of users
During registration, personal data from the user are selected. You agree that your data will be recorded in tommyhaas.com. The data will be stored in a service provider and will be used by the server.

The service provider reserves the right to use personal data not only for the community area but to pass it on to third parties.

You agree that the following data will be available to all visitors of the community: the nickname chosen, the user's age and zip code area of residence. This information is only for making contact between users easier. The nickname does not reveal the identity of the user. Additional information on personal preferences and a profile image will only be charged if the user has previously consented. Other data that are collected during the registration (home address and e-mail) will not be published.

Only the registration data will be stored, not the use data. The user can at any time revoke his consent by sending a statement emailed to ast@emotion.at or by post to e|motion management gmbh, Parlerstraße 102-110, 70192 Stuttgart.

4. Costs
The use of the services offered by the site tommyhaas.com is free.

5. Obligations of users
You should not reveal your selected password to third parties. The user is responsible for all content produced by him or published under its code of access. The user then agrees that the service is authorized to remove, without giving reasons for this, any content, in whole or in part, from the user that represents a failure to fulfill obligations.

Each user undertakes to keep confidential e-mails and other messages and not make them accessible without the consent of its author. The same applies to names, phone and fax numbers, home addresses, e-mail addresses and / or URLs Each user also undertakes not to misuse the site tommyhaas.com in particular:

- Not to disclose statements or defamatory material, false content, insulting, obscene, profane, indecent, sexually oriented, threatening, offensive, racist or illegal. References to offers from third parties ("hotlinks") are also prohibited. Texts and images (such as nude photos) with sexual orientation will be excluded.

- Do not use it to threaten or harass other people or violate their rights (including personal rights);

- Not to upload data with virus (software infected);

- Do not use it in a way that could undermine the availability of offers for other users.

- Do not take advantage of personal data of others in the community;

- Do not use the messages between users for any other purpose than to send personal communications, including offering or disclosure of any products or services;

- Do not send chains or junk-email;

- Not to mention in the personal description (profile) names, addresses, telephone numbers and fax numbers, URLs and e-mail addresses.

6. End
The service provider reserves the right to suspend or terminate the access to the user community if there is a violation of a resolution of this agreement. The break is carried out by blocking the user's profile. The user may break this contract at any time by deleting your profile without notice. Additionally, please send an e-mail to ast@emotion.at.

7. Operation
The operation of the website tommyhaas.com is the sole responsibility of the services provider. He has the right, but is not obligated, to monitor and if necessary, to modify or delete the content of texts and images transmitted in accordance with the subjacent rules.

8. Guarantee
The service provider offers no guarantee for the functionality of the community and makes no guarantees about the accuracy, adequacy, reliability, accuracy and precision of the information. The accuracy or reliability of the information (including the opinions and advice), which are from users, are not the responsibility of the service provider.

9. Limitation of Liability
For damages caused to the user, the service provider is responsible, regardless of the law, only for gross negligence of their legal representatives, employees and agents.

The service provider takes no responsibility if the community is lost, destroyed or impaired in their ability, through major force, strikes, lockouts and external problems. The service provider is not responsible for abuses to the data and information that users have made available to third parties.

The service provider shall not be responsible for information or actions from users when the service is unable to act immediately to which he acquired knowledge that this is an illegal act to remove them or block their access.

The service provider emphasizes that all information and actions from users are not its responsibility.

10. The knowledge of the data by third parties
The user understands that there is a possibility of data transmission over the Internet without authorization. This risk is accepted by users at the purchasing.

11. Exemption
Each user undertakes to exempt the service of any responsibility and all liabilities, expenses and claims arising from damage caused by libel, defamation, breach of privacy by the user, due to the cancellation of services to the user, infringement of intellectual property or other rights by the user or by any illegal acts or other information from the user. In this case, the cost of legal defense against third parties is paid by the user.

12. Communication
Notices of the service provider to the user will be made through appropriate screens after the "login" or by email. Messages from users to the service provider can be sent by e-mail or postal address. The addresses are listed on the site in the legal information area.

13. Availability
Service providers will aim to ensure maximum availability of the server and therefore the content and messages store; however, it has no guarantee for this and it does not undertake to certain shares of availability.

14. General
The contractual relationships between the contracting parties are governed by German law. If sections or parts of this statement are or will become illegal or invalid, the content or validity of the other parts remain uninfluenced by this fact.

It is here defined in accordance with Paragraph 33, Section 1 of Data Protection Law (BDSG) that the service provider processes the data from users in machine language.

Changes to Terms
The service provider has the right to modify these terms at any time without prior notice.