How long do you see yourself playing tennis and do you see yourself as a coach once your tennis career is over Tommy??
Tommy: “If your body allows it and you stay healthy, then I don´t see any reason to retire, especially as long as you have fun! Regarding the coach question: you never know where your life will take you, but I do have some other ideas!”
Hi Tommy! Ich würde gerne von Dir wissen, ob Du nochmal für Deutschland im Davis Cup spielen würdest und ob Du Dir nach Deiner aktiven Karriere vorstellen könntest, selber einmal Davis Cup Coach zu werden. Wünsche dir für die kommenden Aufgaben ganz viel Erfolg LG Dein Fan Tanja aus Dortmund
Tommy: “Der Davis Cup ist immer ein sehr interessantes Thema für mich. Die Absage für das Argentinien-Duell fiel mir nicht einfach. Ich hoffe die Männer haben Erfolg und revanchieren sich für das letzte Jahr. Wenn es irgendwie geht, hoffe ich selber noch einmal für Deutschland zu spielen!“
Hi Tommy what's your key to success in tennis ? What are your plans for the rest of the season ??
Tommy: “Mainly, to stay healthy and hungry for success. I keep trying to improve and I would love to win another title this year!”
HALLO TOMMY.... mich würde interessieren wie lange du noch spielen möchtest?:-)
Tommy: “So lange ich fit und gesund bin und Spaß am Tennis habe!“
Hey Tommy. I'm want to know what motivates you to keep playing at a so high level with the age you are now.
Tommy: “My daughter Valentina - she is motivating me a lot!”
How do you handle psychological stress in a match?
Tommy: “That always depends on the match! But an easy thing to do is - try keep doing what you doing, try to keep your breathing under control and never loose hope to be the winner!”
Hi Tommy! What Grand Slam would you like to win this year? It's always the usual 4 suspects Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Murray nowadays in the finals. We'd like you to be there.
Tommy: “Thanks - so would I! But it´s been one of the toughest tasks in sports lately! But I will continue trying! Wimbledon would be amazing!”
Tommy, if a genie gives u 3 wishes, what would u wish for ?? :)
Tommy: “I only need my health and a happy healthy family!”
Hi Tommy. 2006 US Open. You showed tons of courage with all of the cramping you had. How did you do that, was it pure adrenaline? (I think that match was against Davydenko).
Tommy: “A lot of it is pure adrenaline and the emotional rush. Unfortunately, never a good position to be in!”
Ciao Tommy!! What was your best victory in your career?
Tommy: “There are many for sure, but there are always a few special ones. Like beating Agassi at Wimbledon or Roger last year in Halle!”
What is the biggest achievement you've ever had?
Tommy: “Probably, winning the masters title in Stuttgart in front of my German fans!”
If you can turn back the time to change one thing about ur tennis what would it be ?
Tommy: “Have a physical therapist with me, right from the start!”
Tommy, do you think you are giving your family enough of your time since they are not around in all the tournaments?
Tommy: “It´s hard being on the road, but that´s my job. When I do spend time at home, I try to spend as much time with them as possible.”
Does your daughter like tennis?
Tommy: “It is said that she likes watching me.”
Hi Tommy, do you think the actual conditions are too slow (courts and heavy balls) and this discourages to play more offensively (and hit more volleys)? I think the rankings would be different with faster courts and lighter balls. What do you think about it? All the best!
Tommy: “In some ways I agree! I think the top players would still be on top. But I would like to see faster courts and lighter balls on other tournaments to mix it up!”
Hi Tommy!! Who would you like most to play against?? Who is your favorite opponent?
Tommy: “Always love playing against Roger!”
Wer spielt deiner Meinung nach das attraktivste Tennis?
Tommy: “Ich glaube Roger hat das beste All-Round-Game - mit vielen Varianten! Aber auch Djokovic, Nadal und Murray sind absolut top - wie sie sich bewegen und aus der Defensive herausspielen ist toll.“
Hi Tommy!?Who was your favorite tennis player when you were younger?
Tommy: “I enjoyed watching Ivan Lendl and Boris Becker, but Andre Agassi the most. I have always been and still be a big tennis fan - so I love watching a lot of players!”
Hi Tommy!! I admire your strenght, after all that injuries you're a Top player and competing successfully against much younger opponents.Your style of play is really great to watch... My question is what is it that pushed you further and further despite all that bad things that happened to you?
Tommy: “Thank you! Injuries are never easy for an athlete, but it is always the will of trying to come back and talk to yourself that you really can! Ambition and Dedication! The believe in what you are able to achieve! Even with all the injuries I feel very blessed to have had the career I have had so far!”
Hallo Tommy, my question is: you feel that your personal life influenced your Tennis? I mean your daughter's arrival into the world I observe an internal change in your Tennis.
Tommy: “Having a family, and being a father puts a lot of things in perspective! For me, being a father is the greatest joy!”
Hey Tommy! What was the best place you have been in 2012?
Tommy: “Necker Island was beautiful!”
Hi Tommy! An welches Match in deiner Profikarriere erinnerst du dich besonders?
Tommy: “Das Match gegen Marat Safin bei den Australian Open 2002!“
Hi tommy, was ist eigentlich dein lieblings Fussballverein?
Tommy: “Durch meinen Geburtsort mag ich natürlich den Hamburger SV! Vor der Leistung von Bayern München habe ich großen Respekt!“
Hey tommy, ?war 2005 als Teil einer Fangruppe bei eurem Sieg beim Arag World Team Cup dabei. Ich wollte mal fragen, was für einen Effekt die Fans während der Matches und lautstarke Unterstützung auf dich hat?
Tommy: “Es ist immer ein tolles Gefühl und eine extra Motivation, wenn dich Fans anfeuern!“
Craziest thing you've ever done?
Tommy: “Flying in a F18“
Your favorite book? :-)”
Tommy: “Goodnight Moon”“
What's your favourite tournament to play?
Tommy: “Indian Wells is great for the family“
Your favourite football team?
Tommy: “New York Giants“
First thing you do in the morning?
Tommy: “Make breakfast for Valentina then drink coffee then shower and then head out.“
Do you want more kids?
Tommy: “YES“
Do you play any music instrument? which?/would you like to play any?
Tommy: “Would love to play piano“
How old were you when you got your first kiss? ;)
Tommy: “I think 10 :)“
What is your favorite food?
Tommy: “Wiener Schnitzel“
Who would you like to play doubles with ?
Tommy: “Daniel Day Lewis“
What would you say is your best shot?
Tommy: “Backhand maybe, although I think my dropper is pretty good.“
Any tips for a guy who wants to try to be a professional tennis player?
Tommy: “Go see ?@NickBollettieri